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Signing Up For Health Plans

Want to sign up for IdealCare by Sendero Health Plans?

You’ve come to the right place. This is our enrollment website to sign up for Health Insurance Marketplace coverage. And, there’s more good news – you can sign up for 2020 coverage right now!

The Health Insurance Marketplace’s Open Enrollment Period for 2020 coverage runs from November 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019. If you enroll by December 15, 2019 and pay your first premium, you’ll be covered by IdealCare starting January 1, 2020.

More Information

Qualifying Life Event

A change in your life status makes you eligible to enroll in health care coverage through a Special Enrollment Period. Examples of qualifying life events are moving to a new state, certain changes in your income, and changes in your family size (i.e., marriage, divorce or have a baby). For a complete list visit :

Special Enrollment Period

Any time outside of Open Enrollment, during which you and your family have the right to sign up for health care coverage, is considered Special Enrollment. In the Marketplace, you generally qualify for a Special Enrollment Period of 60 days following certain life events that involve a change in family status (i.e., marriage, divorce or birth of a child) or loss of other health coverage. If you do not qualify for the Special Enrollment Period, you cannot purchase insurance through the Marketplace until the next Open Enrollment period.